UAN Login

UAN Login is an online facility available to EPFO Members. Employees who have EPF Member ID, should get their UAN from their employer. UAN Portal can be used only by registered members only. It means, the employee/member must perform UAN Activation process before proceeding to UAN Login. If a member’s UAN Activation is under review, he/she must not try UAN Login until the process gets completed.

UAN Login

UAN Login

With help of UAN Login, Employees can access their Provident Fund Account(s) at anytime. UAN is a right of every employee, but not all employees know about it. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization provides Universal Account Number to all EPFO Members who are covered under EPF Scheme 1952. So employees should wake up now and as their employer about UAN Number.

UAN Allotment

It comes under Employer’s duty to provide Member ID and UAN to newly joined employees. At the time of adding new employee on UAN Employer Portal, the system generates Universal Account Number of each employee. Employer should pass the Member ID and UAN to relevant employees, so that they can use them in UAN Activation and UAN Login procedure.

Universal Account Number is allotted to all employees across India and not to the employers. EPFO has provided Unified Portal or UAN Employer Portal which is only for employers, but they do not get any UAN Number like employees. Employers are required to create User Name and Password on Employer Portal to use many online services through UAN Login.

UAN Login Guide

Employees can sign in to their account by visiting UAN Member e-Sewa Portal. Employees need not to create a separate User Name for UAN Login as their UAN Number itself will work as their User Name. So the employees are required to remember their UAN Number and Password for UAN Login.

In order to sign in to UAN Member e-Sewa Portal, the employees must possess their login details i.e. UAN Number and Password. However, UAN Login is available to only those employees who have completed UAN Activation Procedure on UAN Member Portal. Let us discuss in brief on how to Activate UAN as under:

  1. Go to official website at
  2. Click on UAN Member e-Sewa link to reach relevant portal.
  3. Then search Important Links and click on Activate UAN to open UAN Activation Form.
  4. Enter your UAN (Universal Account Number) or EPF Member ID or PAN Number or Aadhaar Number.
  5. Thereafter provide your Name, Date of Birth (DOB), Mobile Number and Email ID as mentioned.
  6. Submit the correct details to proceed.
  7. Your UAN will be Activated in a certain period after reviewed by EPFO.
  8. You may proceed to UAN Login after UAN Activation is successful.

UAN Login Create Password

Members have to create a password for UAN Login after UAN Activation Process is completed. Because members need to enter their Universal Account Number and Password in order to sign in to their account on UAN Member e-Sewa Portal. Here we will discuss about How to Create a Strong Password on UAN Login as follows:

  • On UAN Member e-Sewa Portal will allow the members to create New Password for UAN Login within four to five minutes only. Thereafter the session will expire and member will have to start again from first step.
  • Members will have to create a Password that contains capital letter, small letter of alphabets plus any number(s) and special character (symbol). Because if UAN Login password is not strong enough, the UAN Login (Account) of member can be hacked or misused by other person.
  • Members should prepare their UAN Login Password and note it down on a page before starting the process on UAN Member e-Sewa Portal. Because the Portal gives very limited time to members for creation of password.
  • In order to confirm the password, Members are required to write the same password two times at the time of creation.
  • When the password is successfully created, Members may proceed to UAN Login. Here the members must enter their Universal Account Number (UAN) and the Password to sign in to UAN Member e-Sewa Portal.

Steps for UAN Login:

Here we will guide you for UAN Login Procedure with some simple steps as under:

  1. Log on to official website at
  2. Navigate to FOR EMPLOYEES heading and select UAN Member e-Sewa link.
  3. Go to Member Sign In section and provide your login details.
  4. Enter your twelve digit Universal Account Number and Password as asked.
  5. Make sure the details you have provided are authentic and correct.
  6. Then click on Sign In button to proceed.
  7. Soon you will see you UAN Login Account Dashboard.
  8. Also check your Member Profile to know all your details at UAN Login.

Recover/Reset UAN Login Password (Forgot Password)

Sometimes, members do not sign in to UAN Account for months. As a result, they forget their UAN Login Password. UAN Member e-Sewa Portal is highly secure, so the members are NOT allowed to sign in without correct password. Here we are providing some steps for members to Recover or Reset UAN Login Password as under:

  1. Visit UAN Member e-Sewa Portal at
  2. Navigate to Member Login section given on upper right side of page.
  3. Then click on Forgot Password link to go to relevant webpage.
  4. Here you need to provide your Universal Account Number (UAN) i.e. 12 digit numerical number.
  5. Enter your UAN Number and captcha verification code as displayed in the image.
  6. Click on Submit button to proceed.
  7. Your UAN Number will be verified online and some of your details will appear on your screen.
  8. Your UAN Login Password can be reset by an SMS on your mobile.
  9. Give YES to receive a text message on your registered mobile number. This message contains your new login details.
  10. Now you can login to your UAN Account with UAN Number and New Password. Kindly delete the text message on your phone or change the password to reduce risk of hacking in future.

Benefits of UAN Login

Employees/members can access following services and facilities after successful UAN Login on e-Sewa Portal:

  • Employee can check his/her EPF Balance by UAN Login. As all PF Accounts of employee are linked with one UAN, employee can know EPF Balance of all accounts at a time.
  • Employee is able to View and Download EPF Passbook with UAN Login. The Passbook is very important to employee, because it shows recent debit and credit activities in employee’s PF Account.
  • Employees can update KYC information online. This is a great benefit to employees as they do not need to visit EPFO Office for KYC like earlier years. But employees must have scanned copies (soft copies) of required documents to submit them for KYC procedure.
  • Employees are required to file PF Transfer Claim when they change their job. With UAN Login, the employees can raise Provident Fund Transfer Claim online without any interruption of old or new employer. Still the approval of such claim is in hands of old employer. Moreover, employees can also view PF Claim Status on UAN Member e-Sewa Portal.
  • Employees can download UAN Card which contains some key details. With help of UAN Card, employees can see their Name, UAN Number, KYC Status and EPF Member IDs which are linked with UAN.
  • PF Withdrawal:- With help of UAN Login, employees can do partial withdrawal from their PF Account. The PF withdrawal procedure has become more easy as well as transparent with UAN Login.

Kindly go to official website at and to know more about UAN Login, Allotment of UAN, UAN Activation Process, Benefits of UAN Login and some Simple Steps for UAN Login etc.

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